Barrel Concepts is a small, family run business with
a mission to share the beauty of Northern California’s
wine country, while preserving the environment
through recycling.

As is often the case it all began humbly, and in this
instance with a chair.  Having local access to wine
barrels, I began a number of years ago to dismantle
them and make various projects as gifts for family
and friends, as well as for my own use.

One idea led to another and when my favorite chair
disappeared during a home remodel, I decided to
make my first Adirondack chair.  Years later it is still
the most comfortable chair in the house, and the first
one claimed by our guests when entertaining.  Their
sighs of contentment always led to the inevitable
question… where can I get one?

I realized I needed to turn this hobby into an enterprise
that would occupy my imagination and time, and bring
so much pleasure to others.  Additionally, I wanted to
do something positive towards conserving our planet.
To that end, this is my way of keeping this glorious
resource from becoming a planter decayed and
forgotten - destined to become landfill.

All my pieces are made with an effort to connect you, the new owner with the romance
of the vineyards and the pleasures of the winemaking process, and as such they hold
both memory and inspiration

From a child's swing to a pot rack, from a candelabra to a bar stool, or a garden
bench to an Adirondack chair filled with comfort, durability, and a long, proud history,
these creations connect you to the wine country and everything you love about it.

A piece of the past created with care; each one unique in its own way.

So come, have a seat, sit back and relax.  But don’t get up too soon.  If you do you
will most certainly find your seat has been taken when you return.

All the Best,

Bill Dale and Family






© Barrel Concepts 2011