History, Strength and Beauty…how it all begins.

Cooperage, or the art of barrel making, is a time-
honored centuries-old craft.  Coopers use their skill
and knowledge in selecting only the finest quality
wood to create their barrels.

The meticulous care in growing oak trees used
specifically for wine barrels provides us with a
wood synonymous with the word strength.  It
takes up to 100 years to grow trees large enough
to be harvested.  In order to provide a product both
knot and defect free, less than 20% of these trees
are chosen.

Forested in various lengths and shaped into the
complex pattern of convex and concave curves,
the wood becomes only stronger and ideal for
making furniture and artifacts.

Since no two barrels are alike and very few staves
are alike each piece that I make might be similar to
another but will end up with its own personality.
I do try to use the staves from one barrel for each
project and I will use the hoops as hardware when
it is appropriate.  I also leave the winery markings
on the wood simply because it adds interest.  Each
piece is sanded and finished with at least six coats
of marine varnish to ensure their durability.

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